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About Us

Houston Special Needs Center is a group living program designed to provide quality care and to help keep families together - serving the elderly, persons with mental illnesses and persons with developmental disorders. 

Mission Statement

Houston Special Needs Center assists loved ones who require special attention, while also being in a family-oriented environment. We provide a one-on-one unconditional bond with our residence and staff. We value our residence safety, needs, wants and the quality of their health. Bringing a smile to their face and ours each day." We treat our residence like family. We give our residence family members a piece of mind by caring and showing the residence unconditional love so that their family can enjoy their personal life while they leave them in good hands and no worries with us. We have an excellent reference history from our former and present family members of whom we have cared and are caring for presently.

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3307 Houston St.

Dearborn, MI



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